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Travel with us down the "River of Dreams', the great, sacred Wailua. Let us take you exploring down the ancient pathway of the Royal Ali'i.

Travel at your own pace while your guide fills you in on the historical and religious significance of Kaua'i's most spectacular and scenic river valley. Paddle the glassy waters with no discernable currents while enjoying beautiful Mt. Waialeale views and Sleeping Giant Mountain along the way. A 50 minute paddle upstream leads us to the trail head for the Secret Falls Hike. Journey into the ancient rain forest where we tie up and begin a 30 minute jungle trek along a pristine mountain stream, explore ruins, terraces, and swim below a 120 foot waterfall. Feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages. Typically we are at the Falls for about an hour before embarking on the adventure home. Bring your cameras, sunscreen, sport sandals, towels and bathing suits and prepare for the best adventure of your vacation!  



GLORIOUS 7AM (Operating Monday-Friday)

$100/Adult $50 Children 12 and Under

We are the FIRST tour on the river and have it all to ourselves! BEAT THE CROWDS! This is our exclusive launch time!


AFTERNOON 1:00 (Operating Monday-Friday)

We return in the glowing afternoon colors  of the river!

Call Us Direct at 808-320-0680 for reservations and info or hit the BOOK NOW button below!


This tour is guided and costs $100 per adult and $50 for kids 12 and underPlan to spend 4-5 hours exploring with us on your adventure.  We have the the most experienced and knowledgeable guides on the Wailua and kayaks that can accommodate 2 adults and 1 small child. Singles kayaks are also available if there is an odd number in the group. We have a 24 Hour Cancelation Policy


Be sure to bring: Footwear or sport sandals that can get wet, sunscreen, camera, swimwear, bug repellent, water. We provide: All kayaks, pfd's, high back seats, dry bags, hiking sticks. 


Our groups are intentionally kept small and intimate. We believe in quality, not quantity!

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