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  Frequently Asked Questions
Q-Where Does The Tour Meet?
A-We meet our guest at the Wailua River Marina 3-5971 Kuhio Hwy. Kapa'a HI 96746
   Guests meet by the picnic table next to the launch ramp at the Marina

Q-How Long Do Guided Tours Last?
A-Usually guided tours range from 4-5hours depending on the group

Q-Is This Adventure Suitable For First Time Kayakers?
A-YES! We encourage all experience levels and no kayak experience is required!

Q-Is There An Age Limit On Guided Tours?

A-Ages 2 and above are welcome

Q-Are Pregant Mamas Allowed On Tour?
A-YES! Move at your own discretion but we love our life giving moms!!

Q-What Should I Bring On Tour?
A-Swimwear on under light and comfortable clothes
                    Good Shoes for the hike into the falls ie. Sports Sandles, tennis shoes, hiking boots, water shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS!!!
  +food and plenty of water
  +towels if you plan to swim
  +bug repellent 
  +hat and sunglasses are recommended 
  +an adventurous attitude 

Q-Are Food And Drinks Provided?
A-We ask guests to bring your own food and drink on tour

Q-How Much Does This Tour Cost And Are Tips For The Guide Included?
A-It is $100 per person and children 12 and Under are $50 


Q-Is Your Office On The River Or Do I Need To Car Top My Kayaks?
A-We offer BOTH a delivery option as well as a car topped option.We are a 2 mile drive from our office to the river. You Come to us, we provide straps for your car and roof racks and help you to load up on your rental vehicle. 
If you prefer to have your kayaks delivered to the river we offer a 7am start time as well as a 12:30pm start time. Both of these are 5 hour half day options

Q-How Many Kayaks Can You Put On A Car?
A-Small sedans can carry up to 3 double kayaks. Convertibles can carry 2 doubles. Vans      and larger SUV's can carry 4 double kayaks.

Q-Are You A Permitted Company And Do I Need To Get Any Further Permits To Paddle The Wailua River And Park At The State Park?
A-YES, we are one of 4 permitted Rental companies for kayak rentals on the Wailua! When    you rent from us you do not need any further permits!

Q-Can I Take The Kayaks To Other Rivers Besides The Wailua River?
A-YES FOR SURE! Kaua'i has multiple other navigable rivers you can take your kayaks! We recommend Hanalei River, Kalihiwai River and Huleia River

Q-Do You Offer Multi-Day Rentals For Kayaks And SUPS?
A- We DO! And we offer a discounted rate if you'd like to keep the equipment for multiple       days! ASK FOR DETAILS!

Q-Why Are Your Prices So Cheap Compared To Your Competitors?
A-We are a small family run buisness that has been operating Kayak tours and rentals on the Wailua River since 1992. We know how expensive it is to travel to the islands and to plan for adventures like this one! We want to keep our pricing to the point where it is fair to the customer and that is why we have families come visit us year after year!


We are consistently rated as a 5-STAR business. Check out what our clients are saying!

Wailua River Valley
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